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• Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Decal Application

We specialize in printing 3 dimensional hard surfaces, usually treated polyethelene such as water coolers and ice chests. We also print on other substrates like metal and glass, and can print on contoured or small items with our pad printer. Single or multi-color, we can print your logo or text, apply decals, insert merchandise; whatever you need to get your brand out there! Call or email anytime, we are here to answer your questions!

• Centrally Located Warehousing and Shipping

Supplier won't divide and drop ship your large orders? Lacking warehouse space to ready your next roll-out? Ship us your components straight from your vendors. We'll insert your documents, instructions, or merchandise, rebox your items, divide them up, add labels, or whatever! Send us the shipping orders and they will be on their way to your customers with the same care and attention to detail as if you did it yourself. Easy and done!

• Rubbermaid Insulated Products

We can get the products you need when you need them, at competitive prices. Coolers, jugs, bottles, Action Packers, Blue Ice - even extra lids! We supply to construction, hardware stores, oilfield and beverage industries. We can divide or aggregate your orders, nest products, insert items you have shipped to us, or apply decals. Remember, we are screen printers, so we can do that, too!

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